Landlords in New York, NY: How to Streamline Your Tenant Portal

Landlords in New York, NY: How to Streamline Your Tenant Portal

Cash, check, and money orders are the most popular ways to pay rent, which shows that many landlords must switch up how they collect.

Creating a tenant portal is key for swift rent collection and great communication. But if you've never considered this option, you likely won't know where to start.

If this sounds like you, don't fret. We've got the answers you're searching for. Here's how to streamline your tenant portal.

What Is a Tenant Portal?

Before we dive into the article, it's important to discuss "what is a tenant portal?"

This is a secure website or app that connects tenants, property managers, or their companies. Note, that the features can vary, but most will have rent tracking, maintenance requests, and a lease agreement.

How to Streamline Your Tenant Portal

Professionals who handle New York real estate understand how hectic it can be to manage properties. Because of these, there are ways you can make the entire process easy. For instance:

Choose a Portal That Is Easy to Integrate

A reputable property management company will have a portal that can integrate with current software and apps. At the least, the tenant portal should be mobile-friendly so that both parties can access information while on the go.

New York property managers will also use portals that have strict security policies. Since tenants share sensitive personal data, the portal must have strong password protection and admin settings, so there's limited access.

And although it's not essential, great portals are intuitive. It should be easy for new tenants and landlords to navigate, such as being well-labeled and large icons.

Prioritize These Essential Features

Not all tenant portals are created equal, so searching for must-have features is essential. Aside from rent collection, the property management company should offer the option for lease renewal and a robust messaging system.

The portal should also have a great customer service team who can help around the clock. For instance, there should be a live chat or hotline available if you and the tenant can't access the platform.

Ideally, the more features the portal offers, the more streamlined it will be.

Include Helpful Information

Whether you're dealing with real estate in New York or any other state, tenants and landlords need access to useful information.

This will include relevant information that renters need, such as the payment date and their responsibilities. It's a good idea to include emergency contacts, handbooks, and the lease agreement so tenants can refer to them.

The tenant portal should include event announcements and rent-due notifications to streamline the process. But check that it's regularly updated, so everything is accurate for tenants.

Streamline Your Tenant Portal Today

Now that you know how to streamline the tenant portal, landlords will build better relationships with tenants.

At PMI Paramount, we have 20 years of experience handling properties in NYC, making it easier for tenants and landlords. If you're seeking property management services, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us and chat to a member of our team.